• Grommet Kit

    SKU 8010-P
    Kit contains setting dies, hole cutter, plain grommets and instructions.
  • Plain Grommets

    SKU 8011-P
    Refills for plain grommet kits. Nickel plated brass.
  • Spur Grommets

    SKU 8014-P
    Rolled rim spur-toothed grommets. Nickel plated brass. To install, use closing tools and hole cutters sold separately.
  • Spur Grommet Closing Tool

    SKU 8012-P
    Commercial strength spur grommet setting dies.
  • Grommet Hole Cutter

    SKU 8013-P
    Professional quality hole cutters.
  • Cutting Pad

    SKU 60690
    Keep your cutting tools sharp by using this 5" x 5" x 1/2" cutting pad. Made of resilient vinyl plastic.
  • Plastic Snap Grommet

    SKU 80171
    These light duty grommets are installed by simply snapping together. No setting dies needed. Will not rust or corrode. Approximately 3/16" ID. Black.
  • EasyKlip Mini

    SKU 80172
    No tools needed for these instant clip-on grommets. Attach to tarps, boat covers, banners and more to provide an instant grommet. Molded from plastic, the wedge and brace are designed to insure a powerful gripping action. The heavier the load, the tighter the grip. Re-useable. White