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Thread and Needles

Heminway & Bartlett Dabond 2000 UVR Polyester thread is ultra-violet and mildew resistant, bonded for smooth running through machines and has a high tensile strength with low stretch. Traditionally used by sailmakers. NOTE: The amount of thread on each 1 lb. tube varies and is marked on the bottom of the tube. You will be charged according to the actual weight.

Heminway & Bartlett Thread, V-46

Heminway & Bartlett Dabond 2000 UVR polyester thread. Use V-46 for sewing light weight cloth including nylon spinnaker cloth. Use needle size 14/90 or 16/100 with V-46 thread. White. Available in 1 lb. tubes (approx. 7,467 yards).

Heminway & Bartlett Thread, V-46 80511 $45.68 1.20 lbs

Heminway & Bartlett Thread, V-69

Heminway & Bartlett Dabond 2000 UVR Polyester thread. Use V-69 for sewing canvas and light to medium weight sailcloth. Use needle size 18/110 or 19/120 with V-69 thread. Available in white and black, 1 oz. (approx. 320 yards) and 1 pound (approx. 5,110 yards) tubes.

Heminway & Bartlett Thread, V-69 8052-P $0.00  

Heminway & Bartlett Thread, V-92

Heminway & Bartlett Dabond 2000 UVR polyester thread. Use V-92 to sew canvas and medium weight sail cloth. Use needles size 19/120, 20/125 or 21/130. Available in 1 oz. (approx. 242 yards) and 1 pound (approx. 3,866 yards) tubes, white, black and blue. Also see 4 oz. tubes below.

Heminway & Bartlett Thread, V-92 8054-P $0.00 1.20 lbs

Heminway & Bartlett Thread, V-138

Heminway & Bartlett Dabond 2000 UVR polyester. Use V-138 for canvas and heavy weight sailcloth. Use needle size 21/130, 22/140, 23/160 or 24/180 with V-138 thread. White and black in a one pound tube only. Approximately 2,523 yards per pound.

Heminway & Bartlett Thread, V-138 8056-P $0.00 1.20 lbs

Sunguard Thread

UVR bonded V-92 polyester thread with excellent resistance to sunlight, mildew, weathering and abrasion. Sold in 4 oz. tubes in white, black, blue, red, beige and grey. Approximately 968 yards per tube.

Sunguard Thread 8057-P $12.94 0.40 lbs

Tenara Gore-Tex TR Thread

Tenara Gore-Tex TR Thread, made of 100% synthetic PTFE fiber, is immune to UV degradation and carries a lifetime warranty. Similar in size to V-92 and pre-lubricated for easier sewing. Sold in 8 oz. tubes with approximately 1860 yds. per tube. "Clear" to blend with most colors.

Tenara Gore-Tex TR Thread 80501 $124.58  

#19 Universal Sewing Machine Needles

Fits most home sewing machines. This size, 19/120, is the best size to use with V-69 and V-92 thread and is generally not found at local sewing stores. Sold in packs of 5 needles.

#19 Universal Sewing Machine Needles 80601 $5.00 0.10 lbs

Sewing Machine Needles, System 135 x 17

The system style refers to the sewing machine to needle compatibility. These needles, system 135 x 17, fit the Mini Brute machines, and others. Sold here in 18/110, 20/125, 22/140 and 24/180, in packs of 10.

Sewing Machine Needles, System 135 x 17 8060-P $5.00 0.10 lbs

Repair Needles

Contains 5 straight needles and 2 curved upholstery needles.

Repair Needles 40807 $2.93  

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