Hand Sewing Supplies

  • Sail Repair Kit

    SKU 4083-P
    Kit consists of: 1 adjustable sailmaker's palm, 5 pre-waxed sail twine bobbins, 1 pack of 7 repair needles, 1 1 oz. spool V-92 thread, 15' 2" wide Dacron sail repair tape, 15' 1" flat nylon webbing, 15' 1" tubular webbing, 15' 4" 5 oz. Dacron sailcloth, 15' 4" wide 8 oz. Dacron sailcloth, 1 seam ripper, 1 ditty bag. Choose right or left handed palm.

    Please indicate your ditty bag color preference in the "Comments" section, and we will try to accommodate your request.
  • Adjustable Palm

    SKU 40811-P
    Made by Wm Smith and Sons. Choose right or left hand. (If you are right handed, you would use a right hand palm.)
  • Seaming Palm

    SKU 40813-P
    Professional quality seaming palm, made by Wm. Smith and Sons.
  • Roping Palm

    SKU 40815
    Professional quality roping palm, made by Wm. Smith and Sons. Available in right handed only.
  • Sailmaker's Needles

    SKU 4080-P
    Assorted sizes sold in packs of 5, 10 or 20 needles for hand sewing.
  • Repair Needles

    SKU 40807
    Contains 5 straight needles and 2 curved upholstery needles.
  • Pre-Waxed Hand Sewing Thread, Bobbin

    SKU 40822
    Each pre-waxed bobbin contains approximately 80'.
  • Pre-Waxed Hand Sewing Thread, 1 lb.

    SKU 40821
    Pre-Waxed Hand Sewing Thread, approximately 1 pound tube. Smaller bobbin size available below. Note: The amount of thread on each 1 lb. tube varies and is marked on the bottom of each tube. You will be charged according to the actual weight
  • Sewing Awl

    SKU 4085-P
    Ideal for repairs and sewing leather, canvas, sails. Complete with 2 straight needles, waxed thread, combination wrench/screwdriver and instructions. Additional thread and needles available.
  • Swivel Bench Hook

    SKU 40841
    Swivel Bench Hook
  • Sailmaker's Leather

    SKU 80201
    Approximately 3 oz. per sq. ft. Handles and sews easily. Use in areas subject to chafe, such as sail corners, dodger and bimini bows. 9 to 13 sq.ft per hide. Sold by the square foot.