Jacket-Type Zippers

  • #10 YKK Separating Zippers

    SKU 6722-P
    These jacket-type separating zippers are sold in finished lengths and are used where the zipper needs to separate, such as on an enclosure panel, bimini sleeve or sail cover. They can be shortened easily by cutting to the required length and sewing on or affixing a stop. All YKK jacket-type zippers come with a double slider.
  • Zipper Stops

    SKU 60151
    Use one on each half of a shortened zipper to prevent the slide from sliding off. Easily attaches over zipper teeth. Stainless Steel. Sold in sets of 2 (use one set per zipper).
  • #10 YKK Zipper Sliders

    SKU 6701-P
    Choose white or black, single or double, metal or plastic.