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Sewing Machines

Mini Brute Long Arm Straight Stitch

Geared Belt and Pulley Drive

Positive traction geared belts and reduction pulley for MEGA POWER.

No belt slipping when sewing heavy or difficult materials.

Special heavy duty motor.

Perfect for sewing sails, canvas, leather, upholstery, vinyl windows.

* All metal construction
* Reverse for tacking and backstitching
* Variable stitch length, up to 4 stitches per inch
* Portable - Can be used anywhere
* High lift - 3/8" pressure foot clearance
* 9 inch arm space right of needle
* Extra-wide walking foot
* Equipped with built in welt foot
* 900 stitches per minute
* Needle size 135x17, #18 - #23
Time and again we are asked to recommend a sewing machine that is portable, affordable, easy to use and powerful enough to sew through several layers of canvas or sail cloth. We have finally found that machine!

The Mini Brute Long Arm portable industrial machines are equipped with a walking foot. The material is moved through the machine by the synchronized walking feet above and the feed dog below, feeding the material in either forward or reverse. The extra wide alternating feet press the material tightly together permitting even, professional quality stitches. Never skip a stitch when going from thick to thin.

Powered by a 110 AC, 1.5 amp motor, the machines have a geared belt and pulley drive for positive traction and mega power. No more slipping belts when sewing heavy fabrics.

In additional to the impressive power, I was delighted to find how easy this machine is to use and control. Let off the foot control, and the machine stops. An inexperience sewer can be up and running in minutes with a Mini Brute Long Arm machine.

The instruction book is complete with simple instructions for perfect stitches. It also includes a parts list and trouble shooting section. And included in the accessories are screw drivers, allen wrenches and spare belts. Because of the machines heavy construction, any problems are likely minor.

This machine has been around for over 25 years. It is manufactured in China and made into a "long arm" machine by expanding the work area by 2". It was specifically designed for sewing upholstery and leather, and the extra under arm space makes this machine perfect for sewing sails and canvas.

Jean Carroll
Sailmaker's Supply

* Oscillating shuttle
* Weighs 38 pounds
* 1.5 amp, 110 volt, AC motor, 6000 RPM
* 900 stitches per minute
* 6Mm maximum straight stitch length (.24 inch)
* 13/32" Pressure Foot Clearance
* 9" x 4.5" Underarm space
* Needle System 135 x 17, (Size 18-23)
* Class 15 bobbin
* Carrying case
* Foot control
* Thread stand
* Light
* 10 pack #20 needles
* 1 oz. spool of V-92 Dabond thread
* 3 bobbins
* Sewing machine oil
* Tools
* Owner's Manual including parts list, servicing and trouble shooting instructions

5-Year Limited Warranty

All parts (excluding belts, bobbins, shuttle hook, needles, light bulb and needle plates) are fully guaranteed against factory defects in material and workmanship, under normal use, for five years from date of purchase. The first year is a complete warranty including labor and one-way shipping and handling. However, with the Owner's Manual and our Telephone Support, we can usually get your machine up and running, as most problems are very minor.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Mini Brute Long Arm, you may return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund!

Mini Brute Long Arm Straight Stitch 50001 $648.00 42.00 lbs

Sewing Machine Needles, System 135 x 17

The system style refers to the sewing machine to needle compatibility. These needles, system 135 x 17, fit the Mini Brute machines, and others. Sold here in 18/110, 20/125, 22/140 and 24/180, in packs of 10.

Sewing Machine Needles, System 135 x 17 8060-P $5.00 0.10 lbs

Zipper Foot

Zipper Foot

Zipper Foot 50101 $47.80 0.50 lbs

Leather Foot

Leather Foot

Leather Foot 50102 $29.91 0.50 lbs

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