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Don Casey, in his book, Canvaswork and Sail Repair, says, "The skills required to do stellar canvaswork are astonishingly few." Maybe you're thinking, well, it's not the skills I'm lacking, the problem is experience. We can help with that!

Sure, I want you to buy our Sunbrella, sailcloth, thread, and supplies for your boat project. But, I also want you to be successful. Whatever questions you have with your project, problems you need to solve, more than likely, we've encountered the same thing. We are very happy to share our experience with you. I'm just a phone call away, or simply reply to this email.

Read what John and Linda have to say about their projects, including the very professional-looking and beautiful dodger pictured above, in Project 11 of our Photo Gallery. Take a look at the other impressive projects in our Photo Gallery.

I highly recommend Don Casey's book especially if sewing for your boat is new to you. You can order it here.

Until next time, happy sewing!

Jean Carroll

P. S. Send pictures of your projects to me, and if we select yours to add to our Photo Gallery, you'll receive 10% off your next order. Plus, we're still offering free shipping on orders over $100 to US addresses