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Actually, the whole boat is a project.

My husband, Jessie, and I just took possession of this fiberglass deck boat that we'll use at our river property. Our first trip was a sunset cruise and everything seemed fine. Since we planned to go out again the next day, we left the boat in the water overnight. The next morning the boat seemed sluggish. When we stopped for lunch, we could hear water trickling into the bilge. Luckily, the bilge pump worked (the float switch, obviously, did not.) The pump ran for at least 30 minutes. With all that water out, the boat's performance going home was much better! We named the boat Brick.

Other than making sure the boat floats, the most obvious project is the upholstery. This is what happens to vinyl when you leave it in the sun without a cover.

I will make a cover, but I have a different plan for the cushions. The original upholstered cushions are stapled to plywood (which is, for the most part, rotten). The seat bases, thankfully, are molded plastic. The seats are hinged and act as covers (lids) for storage in the bases. I plan to use Starboard to make new covers, then install regular "box" cushions on top of the Starboard.

For the backs, Jessie will attach thin aluminum between the rails on the sides. (Fortunately, he owns a welding fabrication shop.) I'll install regular "box" cushions to the aluminum using Keder welt and trailer molding.

I am going to use Sunbrella® with Phifertex on the bottoms. I chose "Silica Dune" #4859-0000

because the pattern and texture will help hide dirt and spills. The foam will be 4" EZ Dri reticulated foam, so if the cushions get wet, the water will drain right through the foam and out the Phifertex on the bottom. I'll sew #5 YKK continuous zipper in all of the cushions so I will be able to remove and wash the Sunbrella covers.

I'll try to keep you updated as the work progresses on Brick, or at least show you the "after" photos. We have lots to do to before we're brave enough to take her back out on the water!

What projects are you working on this fall? I'd love to hear about it!

Until next time, happy sewing!

Jean Carroll

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