SALE - Dacron Luff Tape, Short Pieces

SKU: SALE-40906
per length


We buy Luff Tape by the roll and sell it buy the foot. Inevitably, we end up with short pieces. What can these pieces be used for? Well, if you have a racing or performance sailboat, you may have a luff foil system, such as Tuff Luff. If so, you can use these pieces of luff tape on the leading edge of you battle flag. (See picture. Credit to 12 Meter Sailing Charters, Newport, RI.) Or, if you have a very short luff, you can save some money when you buy these short pieces.

Otherwise, use your imagination!

This #5 and #6 luff tape is sewn to the luff of a headsail for roller furling and grooved headstay systems. Made from 6 oz. 5" wide slit Dacron tape with a 1/8" back-up cord. There may also be some 5/16" Mainsail Boltrope tape. Sold here by the length. Ordinarily $2.27 to $2.35 per foot, we're selling these pieces for $1.00 per foot!