Snap Fasteners

  • Button and Socket

    SKU 60511-P
    Dot Durable® brand marine quality nickel plated brass. Use the long buttons when installing into extra thick layers of fabric. The length of the "post" is as follows:

    Regular button = .170"
    Long button = .240"
  • Stud and Eyelet

    SKU 60613P
    Dot Durable® brand marine quality nickel plated brass. Use long eyelets when installing through extra heavy fabric. Regular length eyelets will work in up to 7 layers of Sunbrella®. The length of the eyelets are is as follows:

    Regular stud = .240
    Long stud = .295
  • Stud with Screw

    SKU 60515-P
    Dot Durable® brand, marine quality nickel plated brass with stainless steel screw. Choose 3/8" or 5/8" screw.
  • Stainless Steel Snap Fasteners

    SKU 6056-P
    All components are interchangeable with nickel-plated brass fasteners, enameled buttons and socket and installation tools.
  • Gypsy Stud and Socket

    SKU 60591
    Dot Durable® brand marine quality nickel plated brass. Use this fastener when you want to connect a snap to another snap, one on top of the other. Set includes gypsy stud and socket.
  • Enameled Button & Socket

    SKU 6650-P
    Add the finishing touch to your canvas project with matching enameled snap buttons. Use with nickel/brass or stainless steel stud and eyelet or stud with screw. Set includes button and socket.
  • Snap Fastener Installation Tool

    SKU 60531
    Inexpensive for occasional snap installations. Sets button/socket, stud/eyelet and buttons for Common Sense studs. Strike with a hammer.
  • Press-N-Snap

    SKU 60533
    Professional installation tool. Once you've used this tool, you'll wonder how you got along with out it! Comes complete with die sets for snap fasteners and No. 1 plain rim grommets. Replacement dies available.
  • Die Set for Snap Installation

    SKU 60532
    Four piece metal die set attaches to vice grip pliers (sold separately) to set button and socket or stud and eyelet snap fasteners. Use vice grip pliers you already own, or puchase our pliers below.
  • Pliers for Die Set

    SKU 60534
    Pliers for use with the die set. Die set sold separately.
  • Top Snapper

    SKU 60535
    This nifty tool helps prevent torn canvas when snapping and un-snapping. Also use to snap fasteners from the inside!