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Everybody has at least one person on their list they don't have a clue about what gift to give them. It might be a favorite teacher, the cleaning lady, the hair stylist, an aunt, uncle, niece or nephew.

Several years ago, I came up with a solution to this problem based on a childhood memory.

When I was a kid, I participated in the annual church Christmas program along with the other Sunday School children. When it was over, we all got a brown paper bag containing 1 apple, 1 orange, a bunch of roasted peanuts and some hard Christmas candy. That was the best part of the Christmas program!

So, my memory led to this grown up version and a solution to the what-gift-do-I-give problem. We put 1 apple, 1 orange, a can of peanuts, 2 handfuls of starlight mints and about of pound of miniature candy bars into a ditty bag. We give these to the UPS driver, the mail carrier, the grass cutter, the helpful guy at the marina, etc, etc.

After the fruit, nuts and candy are gone, the ditty bag remains. It's something everybody will use.

Another suggestion came from a gal I used to work with, Tracie Anderson. She puts a DVD and a bag of microwave popcorn into ditty bags she makes. She gives them mostly to extended family. They are always a big hit, year after year.

In an email, customer Larry Findley said, "During the yacht club Christmas gift exchange I sewed up a ditty bag and put a cheap bottle of wine in it. People fought over the ditty bag."

Ditty bags are so easy and fun to make. Click here for a refresher on how to sew one. Or, click here to buy some we've made in our shop.

A ditty bag is unique and so much more personal and appreciated than a lame, uninspired, common gift card. You'll be remembered for years to come for the fun gifts you give!

If you haven't yet, take a look at our Gift Ideas. We have several unique gifts for sailors and sew-ers.

Of course, if you have any questions or need help with your ditty bags or any other sewing project, just let me know. We're here to help!

Until next time, I wish you happy sewing and stress-free holidays!

Jean Carroll

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