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What's your favorite Sunbrella® color? Here are our Sunbrella® top 10 sellers from January 1, 2018 to today, October 25, 2018 :

Pacific Blue Linen Black
Cadet Grey Captain Navy Burgundy
Natural Forest Green Toast
Jockey Red

See all of the Sunbrella® colors here.

According to our Sunbrella® rep, the best selling Sunbrella® color is Black and has been for quite some time. Cadet Grey, however, he says, has been gaining momentum. Along that same line, Wikipedia says that 70% of the cars produced globally are painted Black, White, Grey or Silver.

That all sounds pretty boring to me. Boaters are more "colorful" people (myself included as my boat's canvas is Mediterranean Blue and my car is green!), so I was curious to see what our customers prefer.

#1 Pacific Blue - We're not really surprised to see Pacific Blue in the #1 position. It is a pretty color, after all. When you look out over a marina, it is still the most predominate color you see.

#2 Linen - This is the big surprise! We have sold more Linen this year than in the last 3 years combined.

#3 Black - At #3, the only surprise is that Black got beat out by Linen!

#4 Cadet Grey - On all the home improvement shows, grey has replaced beige for interior wall paint. Looks like that's happening for marine canvas too, with Cadet Grey at #4 and Toast down the list at #9.

#5 Captain Navy - You would expect navy blue to be at the top of the list for anything nautical, and Captain Navy is #5 on our list. It's darker brother, Navy, came in at #19 and Sunbrella's® newer navy color, Marine Blue, at #14.

#6 Burgundy - Burgundy never seems to go out of style.

#7 Natural - Actually, the popularity of Sunbrella's® color Natural, has been diluted with Sunbrella's® White which was introduced a few years ago and came in at #14 on our list. By adding the sales of the 2 colors together, Natural, if not for White, would come in at #4.

#8 Forest Green - Way back in the '90's, Forest Green held the honor as most popular Sunbrella® color. On our list so far in 2018, it's #8.

#9 Toast - Although beat out by Cadet Grey in the neutral color department, Toast is hanging in there at #9.

#10 Jockey Red - Every top 10 ten list should include a red, and Jockey Red came in at #10!

You can check out all the Sunbrella® colors here. Not only do we have the best price for 46" and 60" Sunbrella® Marine Fabric, we also pay for the shipping on all orders of 10 yards or more! The only exception is that it must be shipped to an address in the continental US (lower 48 states). (Sorry, Alaska and Hawaii!).

Until next time, Happy Halloween and happy sewing!

Jean Carroll

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