Awning Rail

  • Trailer Molding

    SKU 60412
    Also known as awning rail. Heavy duty UV stabilized PVC construction. The flange makes it easy to install. We install it using stainless steel #8 pan head screws. Sold in 48" lengths. Width is 1.25", internal diameter is 3/8". Use with Keder Welt.
  • Flex-A-Rail

    SKU 60411
    Flexible for installations around curves without heating. Non-corrosive extruded PVC. Sold in 45" lengths. Width is 5/8", internal diameter is 5/16. Use with Keder Welt.

    Now available in white or black!

    Use specialty Flex-A-Rail Screws to install. (Tip: Drill hole into Flex-A-Rail from the back side.)
  • Flex-A-Rail Accessories

    SKU 60414-P
    Specialty screws for Flex-A-Rail are 3/4" long, #6 size thread, #4 head size and #0 square drive to prevent welting from hanging up on the screws. When installing, pre-drill the screw holes from the back side of the track, then use the hex driver to install the screws. Unlike the hex driver you may have in your tool box, this one has an extra long "nose" to fit inside the track.
  • Keder Welt

    SKU 60413-P
    Made of heavy polyester fabric that will not tear when sewn, use Keder Welt with both Flex-A-Rail and Trailer Molding. Welt has a diameter of 11/32" and tape is 3/4" wide. Available in white or black. Sold by the foot.
  • Keder Track Slides

    SKU 60420
    Keder Track Slides are perfect for making outdoor curtains that open and close. Work with most styles of awning rail.