Bag Cloth

Choose from traditional nylon bag cloth for your sail bags or high tech sailcloth for really cool gear bags.

  • $11.44–$15.88 per yard
    This fabric shouldn't be used for sails, but it makes very cool bags. Mylar/Kevlar/Carbon Fiber/Polyester laminates...
  • $8.67 per yard
    Lightweight and water-repellent nylon oxford ideal for flags, lightweight bags and linings. Bright fun colors....
  • $12.67 per yard
    Perfect for sail bags! Urethane coated for superior water repellency. Approximately 6.0 oz. per sq. yard. Sold...
  • $25.77 per yard
    Strong, durable and resists abrasion. Urethane coated for water repellancy. Use for luggage, bags, backpacks....
  • $16.23–$18.23 per yard
    The resins applied to regular sailcloth make it stiff and crunchy, giving it an almost plastic-paper-like feel. This...