Project 12

Thanks so much for all your help and prompt response to my needs during my project, a new custom enclosure for my 2000 380 SeaRay Sundancer. My inexperience led me to several critical "I need it now" problems and you came through each time, thank you! You are a pleasure and a credit to the industry!

This was my first time ever using a sewing machine. My wife and daughter both attempted to dissuade my attempt, telling me that I didn't know how hard it was to sew, but I could visualize the effort and the result, so I knew I could do it. The wife sat silent, watching me cut and sew, until I finished and installed the first piece, the aft top cover, then proclaimed that I could sew after all. The result is acceptable to me. The factory canvas did not fit and leaked all over. This custom enclosure fits and does not leak.

The fabric I selected is the Sunbrella Supreme, Captain Navy exterior and Linen interior. The binding is navy on everything visible from the exterior and linen on everything else. I used 0.040" Strataglass for all the windows. The linen interior was selected to reduce the passsenger heat gain and to make it lighter when closed-up. A sunshade was designed and created to cover all the forward glass and Strataglass to blot out the sun while tied up at the dock, another was made to cover the rear windows. The soft Sunbrella Supreme interior flocking protects the Strataglass from abrasion.

This was a long, hard slog to complete this enclosure, but the final results are worth the effort. Now, onto the next projects...

Thank you,