Project 15

My main business (OK, my hobby on steroids) is making awnings, boat tops, covers and upholstery. I get a fair amount of material left over in odd shapes so I make things out of it, like carry-alls and totes. I didn't like the fishing lure bags I found in the stores so I started making my own out of Phifertex, clear vinyl and Sunbrella edging tape. Seems like everybody I take fishing wants one so I'm still making them. I found that by putting they sail fabric in the head I could cover the back of the stitching from the handle and straps, and it looked pretty cool. Between the materials and the time they take to make them there's not much sense in selling them but the people that get them appreciate them and that's worth a lot to me. I've attached a couple of pictures of them plus a cooler top cushion that I've made for some locals.

Hope that helps - thank you for your support!

Steve Newell
Spiny Lobster Stitch Works
Honolulu, HI