Flex-A-Rail Accessories

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Specialty screws for Flex-A-Rail are 3/4" long, #6 size thread, #4 head size and #0 square drive to prevent welting from hanging up on the screws. When installing, pre-drill the screw holes from the back side of the track, then use the hex driver to install the screws. Unlike the hex driver you may have in your tool box, this one has an extra long "nose" to fit inside the track.


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Nov 22, 2016  |  By Jerry Schuster
Bellingham, WA United States
The 2 square drive bits are very poor quality. They fit poorly in the screws and round off easily.
Owner Response: I agree for the most part. However, I haven't found anything better or easier. The screws will round-off quickly if you use a drill to install them. Try inserting the bit into a ratcheting screwdriver, and screw them in by hand. Here are a few more tips: 1.) Drill your screw holes into the Flex-a-Rail from the back side. 2.) Drill pilot holes into the surface (where you're installing the Flex-a-Rail) to accept the screws. 3.) Make sure the bit is inserted fully into the screw head. 4.) If you use a drill to tighten the screws, set it on "low" speed, run the drill slowly, and apply pressure. I hope this helps!

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