Weblon Regatta Facing

SKU: 6230-P
per foot


Use to finish and reinforce edges and hems. Especially helpful for finishing enclosure panels. Weblon Regatta fabric is folded and glued 1" under on one edge and 1/2" on the other. Choose from 1.5" or 2" in White or 2" in Ivory. Sold by the foot.


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packing method
Jan 18, 2015  |  By george wanner
beaufort, NC United States
I recently ordered yardage of 2" Weblon facing. It came folded over and over in about 2' layers which never came out. For future shipping I suggest it be rolled to avoid that issue. Otherwise you rock.
Owner Response: George: We probably did that so we could put the facing inside the fabric tube and save some money on shipping. I'm sorry the folds were a problem. To take creases out of vinyl like Weblon Regatta, heat it up with a blow dryer and they should come right out. Thank you for letting us know how we can improve our packaging! You rock too!

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