Question:   How can I hold heavy fabrics in place while I sew?

Answer:   If you've ever tried to stick a pin into Sunbrella, you know that it seems as though the dull end of the pin sticks into your finger much easier than the sharp end sticks into the fabric! The solution? A stapler. It is an indispensable tool in our canvas shop. Use it to hold 2 pieces of fabric together while you sew a seam. A stapler is especially helpful when you're sewing cushions. Fold and staple a hem, then sew. Staple the fold of a dart before you sew it. If you decide to tackle the job of replacing the sacrificial cloth on your roller furling headsail, borrow a long-arm stapler from the office to staple the Sunbrella sacrificial cloth in place on the leach and foot. Use a 3/8" seamstick on the inside edge, a regular stapler on the leech and foot edges and the long arm stapler in between. The only thing is to be sure to pull all staples after the fabric has been sewn.